Managed Storage

Many storage solutions to suit your moving needs!

At Ben Moves Brisbane, our managed storage offers a convenient and comprehensive solution for all your storage needs. Unlike traditional self-storage options, managed storage eliminates the burden of heavy lifting and time-consuming logistics. With our managed storage service, you can effortlessly secure the storage you require, while we take care of every aspect of the process.

Our Eagle Farm storage facility is equipped with secure storage cages, containers, and homepacks, ensuring that your belongings are safe and protected. Our priority is to maintain the highest level of security, giving you peace of mind knowing that your valuable possessions are in good hands.

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Storage facility full of wooden storage crates

Short term & transit storage.

Settlements not lining up? We have transit bays available for quick unloading and loading, these are ideal for when you require your belongings to be stored for a day or 2. This is ideal for settlement moves or re-carpeting events.

Our dedicated team will handle all the necessary preparations, including packing, inventorying, and organising your belongings. When you’re ready to retrieve your items, we’ll promptly deliver them to your specified location.

Business storage solutions to suit your moving needs!

Businesses, both large and small, find managed storage particularly advantageous. Entrust us with managing your furniture stocks, and we’ll ensure that your assets are maintained in top condition. Our services include thorough cleaning and preparation of furniture for redeployment whenever needed. Additionally, we can assist with tasks such as rekeying cabinets, conducting comprehensive asset inventories, and providing minor repairs and cleaning services for furniture.

Discover the convenience and efficiency of managed storage with Ben Moves Brisbane. Our range of tailored storage options caters to diverse needs, ensuring that your belongings are well taken care of while offering you the flexibility and support you require.

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All types of storage for Brisbane

Shipping Container

Red storage shipping container

These are better for long term larger storage consignments, these are able to be sealed and kept air tight, keeping dust and other contaminants out. These are good for business storing excess furniture.

Home Pack

Wooden storage unit

Wooden, sealable wooden storage crates, these are (measurements) they hold 12cu/m each. These can be loaded onsite and forked off the truck at the depot, saving time and money on loading and unloading.

Cage Storage

Metal Chainlink Cage Storage

Storage cages are good for temporary storage of larger consignments, open roof individually lockable units. To assist in visualising the space – it is a half single garage and a full single garage.

Floor Space


For all your storage needs, floor space charged by the square metre.

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We’re the local experts when it comes to house removals and we service the entire greater Brisbane area.

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Expertise in Diverse Storage Solutions

At Ben Moves Brisbane, we pride ourselves on our broad array of storage unit solutions. So if you're seeking temporary storage, we've got you covered. Our Eagle Farm storage facility is one of the best in the region, offering short-term options tailored to suit diverse requirements.

Centrally Located and Easily Accessible

Location matters, especially when you want to access your belongings with ease. Our storage centre in Brisbane is conveniently situated to ensure quick and hassle-free access for our clients.

Safety First with Secure Storage Facilities

Peace of mind is invaluable. That’s why our storage centres, including our self-storage facilities in Brisbane, are equipped with state-of-the-art security measures. From surveillance systems to secure warehouse infrastructure, we ensure your valuables are safeguarded 24/7.

Adaptable Business Storage Solutions

We understand that businesses have unique needs. Whether it's short-term wine storage for your boutique collection or a temporary space to stow office furniture, our business storage offerings are versatile. Our team works closely with enterprises to identify the optimal storage solution, ensuring assets remain in pristine condition and ready for redeployment.

Friendly and Professional Service

Choosing a storage facility is not just about space; it's about the people behind it. Our team, with years of experience in storage services, ensures your experience is smooth and personable. We believe in fostering a warm and inviting environment, making each interaction with us pleasant and stress-free.

Affordable and Transparent Pricing

No one likes hidden costs or surprises. With Ben Moves Brisbane, you’ll find our pricing for storage units and services, including mobile storage and self-storage in Brisbane, clear and competitive. We're passionate about providing premium storage services that don’t break the bank.

Frequently Asked Questions

Managed storage is a comprehensive solution where we oversee every aspect of your storage needs, eliminating the burden of heavy lifting and time-consuming logistics. It provides a more hands-off experience compared to traditional self storage in Brisbane.

Unlike traditional self storage in Brisbane where you handle the logistics, packing, and transport, our managed storage solution takes care of all these aspects. We pack, inventory, and organise your belongings for you, and when you’re ready, we deliver them to your specified location.

Yes, we offer short term storage in Brisbane. Especially for needs like settlements not lining up or events like re-carpeting, we have transit bays available that are ideal for storing belongings for a day or two.

Our storage facility is located at Eagle Farm, Brisbane. It’s centrally located and easily accessible for clients from the entire greater Brisbane area.

Our storage facility prioritises security. It’s equipped with state-of-the-art security measures, including surveillance systems and secure infrastructure. We offer secure storage cages, containers, and homepacks to ensure your belongings remain safe.

We provide various storage options including shipping containers, home packs, cage storage, and floor space. Each is suited for different needs, from business storage to residential requirements.

Our pricing is both affordable and transparent. We charge for floor space by the square metre. Additionally, you can easily GET A QUOTE for specific storage types directly on our website.

We service the entire greater Brisbane area including, but not limited to, Brisbane CBD, Spring Hill, Everton Park, Lutwyche, Newfarm, Hamilton, Ipswich, and Logan.

Yes, especially if you opt for our shipping containers which can be sealed and kept airtight, ensuring dust and other contaminants stay out.

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