Frequently asked questions

Do you have insurance?

Yes! You can find our policy in our terms & conditions.

Do you have different size vehicles?

We sure do! Small truck - 18cu/m Medium truck - 35cu/m with a 2.5 tonne tail lift Large truck - 44cu/m Large truck - 50cu/m with a 2.5 tonne tail lift

Do you do interstate moves?

Unfortunately no, we are Brisbane/South East Queensland based.

Do you move plant pots?

Yes, but please make us aware prior to the move.

Do you supply boxes and packing materials?

Do you move pool tables?

Do you move pianos?

How do I pay my bill?

We have merchant facilities on our trucks, accept cash on completion and can take payment details over the phone.

How does the hourly rate work?

Can you come and look at my move prior?

Can I reschedule my move?

Should I bubble wrap my furniture?

Do I have to be there for the move?