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Have a quick look at what you are booking. Below is some more detailed information about our trucks and teams.

Our trucks

We offer 3 different size trucks for different size moves - Small, Medium and Large. We also have hydraulic tail lifts for specialty moves.

Large Trucks

The large trucks range from 45cu/m - 52cu/m. These are ideal for large home moves going a distance, we generally suggest a team of 3 men is best suited to these moves.

Medium Trucks

The medium trucks range from 35cu/m - 44cu/m. These are ideal for average sized homes moving local, apartment moves or inner city work(these trucks rarely have access issues experienced by large trucks).

Small Trucks

The small trucks are 20cu/m. These are ideal for any type of inner city work, tight apartment moves or small jobs.


Computer trollies, pallet jacks, pads, trollies tool kits

Small Truck measurements.png
Large Truck measurements.png
Small Truck measurements.png
Large Truck measurements.png